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Replicate & Recover from NCC Group: If all else fails, your business won't.
Replicate & Recover from NCC Group: If all else fails, your business won't.

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NCC Group launches Replicate & Recover to help customers plan for software failure, data loss and downtime

Global cyber security and risk mitigation expert NCC Group has launched its new cloud service Replicate & Recover to give customers maximum resilience against disruption of third-party cloud-based software and applications.

With Replicate & Recover, organisations can protect their business-critical assets against third-party vendor disruption and ensure that they can get back up and running quickly in the event of a supplier failure, avoiding potentially astronomical downtime costs.

Built upon NCC Group’s established software escrow technology, Replicate & Recover brings both escrow and data back-up (Back up as a Service (BaaS) together into a single solution. This guarantees that both vendors and customers have access to an independently hosted dynamic back up of a licensed cloud-hosted/SaaS environment, as well as source code and data, in the event of unplanned downtime.

With flexible automated backups in as little as every hour and data stored in our secure cloud environment, businesses can benefit from full recoverability of both their critical application and most recent data minimising disruption to business operations.

The launch supports analysis from Gartner which shows that 71% of organisations work with more vendors across their third-party network than they did three years ago. Driven by business concerns around continuity and compliance with evolving supply chain legislation, Replicate & Recover supports organisations in building operational resilience.

Simon Fieldhouse, global managing director, Software Resilience at NCC Group, said: “Replicate & Recover is a unique service that takes the capabilities of our Escrow as a Service (EaaS) offering further by ensuring a higher level of data backup and recovery for business-critical third-party cloud applications.

“In today’s environment, operational resilience is closely tied to how much an organisation can minimise vulnerabilities in their cloud solutions. Businesses that are unprepared for data loss could be faced with huge downtime, which brings significant financial implications. We’re proud to be building solutions that help our customers face the challenge of third-party vendor reliance head-on and plan for any disruption before it impacts their business.

Ollie Whitehouse, global CTO at NCC Group, said: “Whether organisations are seeking compliance with supply chain-related legislation, or want to protect themselves from the impact of downtime, building operational resilience is a key priority for the businesses we work with.

“The last ten years have demonstrated just how important cloud solutions are to the successful day-to-day running of almost any business. We’re committed to helping our customers manage third-party risk and ensure they can adopt new technologies and innovate with confidence.”

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About NCC Group

NCC Group exists to make the world safer and more secure.

As global experts in cyber security and risk mitigation, NCC Group is trusted by over 14,000 customers to protect their most critical assets from the ever-changing threat landscape.

With the company's knowledge, experience, and investment in research and innovation, it is best placed to help organisations assess, develop and manage their cyber resilience posture.

With circa 2,000 colleagues in 12 countries, NCC Group has a significant market presence in North America, Europe and the UK, and a rapidly growing footprint in Asia Pacific with offices in Australia, Japan and Singapore.


NCC Group Press Office

NCC Group Press Office

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NCC Group exists to make the world safer and more secure

In today’s threat landscape understanding the risks organisations and customers are exposed to is more important than ever.

Understanding the impact and how to be more resilient is key to protecting brand, reputation and sensitive customer information. Building a cyber-resilient organization can be a complex process but it’s not impossible.

With our knowledge, experience and global footprint, we help assess, develop and manage cyber resilience posture.

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