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Ana Costeira Araújo, technical security consulting (TSC) team lead, Nordics, FortConsult
Ana Costeira Araújo, technical security consulting (TSC) team lead, Nordics, FortConsult

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We are NCC Group: From Lisbon to Copenhagen

An exciting new professional opportunity, productivity with a purpose and a new perspective on life are just a few things that characterise Ana Costeira Araújo’s move from Lisbon, Portugal to Copenhagen, Denmark.

What do you do at NCC Group and where are you located?

I work as a technical security consultant for FortConsult, the Scandinavian subsidiary of NCC Group, and I am currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What was your path to cyber security and NCC Group?

I started getting interested in cyber security during my last year of University and helped create the CTF (Capture The Flag) team there. I got an opportunity to start working as a security consultant in a small Portuguese company, where I was able to get a solid foundation and networking contacts, which eventually put me on the path to working at NCC Group, just over 3 years ago.

What is the best thing about working in an international company?

Diversity! It’s quite amazing how different cultures bring a diverse environment to the company. Most of us come from different backgrounds, countries, cultures, and we each contribute a piece of ourselves and learn a great deal from each other. This also brings added value to a client, because the ways in which we approach a red team project, for instance, is discussed with a diverse team, providing a broader approach.

In 2019, you moved to Denmark from Portugal. Why?

I needed a change and was seeking new opportunities in my life, mostly for personal reasons. Working in Portugal was great, but I also felt like there was more to win than to lose with the change, such as getting the chance to engage with a large number of colleagues every day. I spoke with the management team in Copenhagen and we agreed that I would work from the Copenhagen office for six months before deciding on whether to stay or move back to Portugal. This was a really good way of approaching the big shift that is moving to another country, because it allowed me to make a careful decision instead of rushing into it. Truth is, after four months I was already certain!

How is working life in Denmark?

In my opinion, working life in FortConsult and Denmark is, in general and for the most part, very balanced - with the few crazy busy periods as an exception, of course. When comparing office life in Portugal with Denmark, I can say that it feels like there’s a lot more trust in the latter, and less restrictions because of that. In Portugal, there is a tendency to put in extra hours just for the sake of it, while here in Denmark, the goal is to be productive and do your job well and on time. Then you can also have time to relax with family and friends.

What have you, on a personal as well as a professional level, gained from this change in your life?

On a personal level, I have developed relationships that are now an important part of my life and brought a bit more stability towards my life goals. On a professional level, being in Copenhagen means I get to connect a bit more with our clients and expand my network. It has also meant new professional opportunities, as I recently got promoted to TSC Team Lead in the Nordics team. The future in Denmark does look bright for me!


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