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Hospitals around the world have enough to worry about fighting COVID-19 without worrying about criminal groups taking advantage. This is why we are proud to support them by offering our healthcare relevant cyber threat intelligence free of charge over the next few months.

Institutions signing up will benefit from receiving actual threat intelligence on hacking groups who have been infamous for their targeted ransomware attacks. The information known as Indicators of Compromise, concerns the main criminal groups and the methods they use.

The initial report includes:

  • An initial 13 page threat intelligence report covering:
  1. Executive briefing
  2. Threat actor descriptions
  3. Applying threat intelligence to systems
  4. Chronology of targeted ransomware in hospitals and health clinic
  • Technical Indicator of Compromise pack related to targeted ransomware threat actors, for deployment to institutions or national capabilities
  • Regular updates on threat actors over the period.

The threat intelligence will be provided to hospitals via their national lead for healthcare cyber security, which varies depending where in the world they are but typically includes:

  • National Computer Emergency/Incident Response Teams (CERTs/CIRTs)
  • National Healthcare Authorities
  • Healthcare Information Sharing and Analysis Centers

These national institutions are in the process of being contacted by members of our team around the world, however they are also able to sign up directly via our dedicated website:

Hospitals will be able to use this information to detect cyber criminals at an early stage and take actionable remedial steps to improve their cyber resilience.

As well as providing the report and updates we’ve brought together our specialist threat intelligence analysts, incident responders and cyber resilience remediation specialists to answer both general and urgent questions that may arise from the content of the report.

Krijn de Mik, head of the global Research and Intelligence Fusion team says: “The world’s healthcare systems are increasingly reliant on technology, and building resilience is crucial to enable individual organisations to focus on delivering care and providing guidance without disruption.  

 “In this challenging time we believe it is more important than ever to share the tools and knowledge that we have developed, to help global healthcare systems continue to carry out their vital work. It’s our way of saying thank you to those who are working hard to keep us safe at this time.” 

Ollie Whitehouse, global CTO at NCC Group, adds: “Our mission as an organisation is to make society safer and more secure, and a significant part of this is to support critical sectors including healthcare and help them to keep running securely where we can. We’re proud to offer this valuable insight to help build and enhance resilience, now and in the future.”

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