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 NCC Group joins UK Cyber Security Council

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NCC Group joins UK Cyber Security Council

NCC Group has joined the UK Cyber Security Council, the chartered organisation tasked with developing and promoting recognised standards for cyber security.

As a member of the Council, NCC Group will work alongside the organisation and other members to champion professionalism within the sector, while establishing clearer career pathways for those entering the industry.

NCC Group will join the likes of global technology company Thales and cyber threat intelligence experts SecAlliance as Council members, as well as public sector bodies such as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

Ollie Whitehouse, chief technical officer (CTO) at NCC Group, said: “We’re proud to be one of the largest pure play cyber providers to join the UK Cyber Security Council. It is an opportunity that will allow us to pay heed to our commitment to the professionalisation of the industry, and help to shape how this looks in practice, across the UK.

“Indeed, it is critical the new regime is designed in a way that does not create barriers to entry, but encourages diversity and inclusivity, ensuring the UK has the skills it needs to manage and respond to cyber threats, now and in the future.

“We are in an excellent place to understand and continue shaping the nation’s professional standards regime, so that it best reflects the needs of the industry, our people, and importantly, wider society.

“We have long been advocates of developing cyber security into a rigorous evidence-based scientific discipline, and are committed to helping the Council succeed in developing globally leading national standards for cyber security.”

Simon Hepburn, CEO of the UK Cyber Security Council, said: “Welcoming organisations into the Council, from across the sector, will be a pivotal way for us becoming a unified voice, driving forward industry standards and professionalism.

“NCC Group’s decision to join the Council underpins just how important it is that the sector works collaboratively together, in order to embed best practice across the cyber profession.”

The UK Government recently held a consultation on proposals to define and embed standards across the cyber profession.

In its response to the consultation, NCC Group emphasised the importance of ensuring routes into the cyber industry are flexible, inclusive and open to everyone; taking a holistic approach to cyber education, recruitment and retention; and ensuring the UK is aligned to other global cyber security regimes. NCC Group was pleased to see the UK Government address these key points in its recent response.

Ollie Whitehouse was also recently appointed as independent advisor to the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK), as well as the UK Cyber Security Council Joint Transition Governance Board, which will oversee the phased transition of CyBOK to the Council.



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