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Keeping our customers safe with remote technology for pentests

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Keeping our customers safe with remote technology for pentests

An important consideration for organisations around the world is how they are going to function as COVID-19 continues to impact our traditional way of working.

The very concept of business as usual is being challenged, we need to quickly ascertain the new norm and implement it, to keep control and come through this challenging period.

Remote working is one such new norm and there is an element of trust required to make it work, in cyber security – it's not new, there are many aspects of what we do that are able to be delivered remotely. Eighty per cent of the work we do for customers worldwide is already delivered without ever visiting their site – remote working is our normal.

“Something that can often be dismissed is routine security testing,” says Nick Watkins, executive principal in Security Consulting at NCC Group, “but it is critical in assuring and protecting so much of our everyday lives.”

“We developed an appliance - Firebase - that gives us the capability to deliver security tests remotely, allowing our customers to undertake regular ‘hands-on’ security assessments of networks, systems and applications without the need for our consultants to attend the site.”

The Firebase service is not new; we have been using the technology for the last 18 months but in light of the need for clients to consider alternative working practices Firebase provides a credible and necessary alternative, as companies must continue to ensure systems are secure. 

The appliance is simply downloaded or posted to you:

  • The process in setting up Firebase is relatively simple the appliance is preconfigured to drop into our clients chosen network location, whether as a virtual machine or physical appliance.
  • Our clients have sole control of the Firebase configuration and controls when it connects via a VPN using digital certificates to NCC Group’s Security Operations Centre in the UK.
  • All traffic is encrypted. Once connected, NCC Group consultants can conduct security testing as if they were physically in the building.
  • All data and reports are held securely at NCC Group’s IS0 27001 certificated test laboratories. The customer can disable the VPN connection at any time as it is entirely under their control

For details please email or call 0161 209 5111

Our statement to customers on COVID-19 is available here:

Let us #BeRemoteReady


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NCC Group exists to make the world safer and more secure.

As global experts in cyber security and risk mitigation, NCC Group is trusted by over 15,000 clients worldwide to protect their most critical assets from the ever-changing threat landscape.

With the company’s knowledge, experience and global footprint, it is best placed to help businesses identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the evolving cyber risks they face.

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