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Implementation of post-quantum algorithm by Fox Crypto open source available

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Implementation of post-quantum algorithm by Fox Crypto open source available

Fox Crypto, in close cooperation with the National Communication Security Agency (NL-NCSA), has implemented a production-ready post-quantum algorithm in C99 (programming language). The fact that this is open source means that developers and other interested parties have free access to the source materials, software and documentation.

The NL-NCSA's National CryptoStrategy (NCS) states that high-quality cryptography products will be needed to guard the digital sovereignty of the Netherlands and ensure the security of state secrets. These products should be created in cooperation with industry.

It is of great importance that production-ready implementations of post-quantum algorithms are available now, despite the fact that so-called quantum computers are not yet there, for the following reasons:

1.Sensitive information is at risk of being intercepted and stored for future decryption;

2. It is extremely difficult to later update long-life systems to post-quantum cryptography;

3. Updating or replacing cryptographic infrastructure with alternatives is a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

At issue is the eXtended Merkle Signature Scheme (XMSS), a digital signature scheme secure against quantum attackers. Digital signatures are used to establish the authenticity of a sender and check the integrity of files. In addition, digital signatures are used in conjunction with public-key cryptography and are an important pillar in information security.

Christian Prickaerts - Director Fox Crypto: "We greatly appreciate the public-private partnership with the NBV under the banner of the National CryptoStrategy. It is important that knowledge institutions, government and industry know how to find each other well. It is our expectation that the open source delivery of XMSS will help other developers integrate XMSS into information security products."

To access the results of the project visit: GitHub - FoxCryptoNL/xmss: Production ready implementation and documentation for XMSS.



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