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Event Insight: “Cyber Risk: A Structured Approach”

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Event Insight: “Cyber Risk: A Structured Approach”

At NCC Group FortConsult, we run an event series called, Cyber Risk: A Structured Approach. It’s been running for a while and after a roadshow across Europe, it has now made its way back to where it all started in Copenhagen. Ahead of the event today, we had a quick chat with FortConsult’s Tina Löwe, Henrik Hulstrøm and Francesco Stillavato to find out more.

Tell us what this event is all about

Tina: We aim to fully immerse our attendees into an action-packed event, giving them an overview of the cyber risks facing their organisation through live demos, presentations and war stories. We want attendees to leave the event with a good understanding of how they can measure and improve their security posture in a structured manner and utilise their resources in the best possible way.

Henrik: We have held this event in different parts of Denmark and in Sweden over the last year. We take feedback from previous attendees and continuously tailor the event to be as relevant and action-oriented as possible for our guests – whether they are looking for inspiration on how to improve their security or already in the midst of a security transformation.

What can people expect to gain from attending?

TinaThe event is very valuable for organisations both on a strategic and an operational level, because we have made the sometimes complex area of cyber security much more approachable and easier to understand. I am a big believer of simplifying things, and even in cyber security, this is possible.

Francesco: One of the approachable elements we have made available for attendees, is that we have included a live hack to give attendees a behind-the-scenes look at the work of a malicious actor – how they can navigate and escalate in the network with publicly available tools. This is usually a fun element for everyone attending.

What is your role in this event?

Tina: My role is to explain some key concepts, tools used, and the results that event attendees can expect to get from conducting a maturity assessment of their organisation and from taking a risk-based approach to their decision-making within cyber security.

Henrik: I spend most of my time telling war stories from my experience in IT security. This helps put the insights from Tina’s talk into a real-life context and has proven to be a good way of making the topic more tangible for our attendees.

Francesco: As a penetration tester and a technical security consultant, I get the chance to actually test the security posture of the target systems. And, at this event, I get to show the event attendees how I work with a live demo.


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