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Cyber Essentials: Helping our customers to build solid security foundations remotely

News   •   May 13, 2020 14:05 BST

The UK government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme, introduced in 2014 and recently relaunched with the IASME Consortium, has become a firm part of the cyber security journey of many organisations.

The scheme provides a security assessment against five key controls; boundary firewalls and internet gateways, secure configuration, access control, malware protection and patch management, which are all fundamental in helping organisations to become more secure.

The scheme provides businesses of all sizes and in all sectors with an understanding of some of the basics of cyber security, and helps boost overall resilience.

With many of our customers working remotely, we asked our global head of Managed Vulnerability Security Services (MVSS), Thomas McDonald, for more details on how businesses can continue with their Cyber Essentials assessments during this time.

Can businesses achieve Cyber Essentials certification while working remotely?

“Our consultants have been busy delivering our Cyber Essentials services remotely to many customers over the last few months. Indeed, looking ahead, delivery of Cyber Essentials services, at both Basic and Plus level, is likely to include a significant number of engagements being conducted remotely, even after customers return to office working.

“Many of our customers have already opted for Cyber Essentials to be delivered remotely and so far, 80% of our Cyber Essentials Plus customers have taken up the remote option, with all of them achieving full certification.”

How does NCC Group’s remote Cyber Essentials offering work?

“At the level of Cyber Essentials Basic, our consultants can guide users through the self-assessed questionnaire virtually, helping them to understand what they need to do to meet the criteria for assessment. We offer full telephone, email and virtual conferencing support as required so that we are always available to help.

“For customers looking to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we have put in place a range of remote scanning options, meaning that we’re able to perform infrastructure and patch assessments flexibly and to timeframes that suit our customers, without having to be on-site.”

What are the benefits of achieving Cyber Essentials Basic or Plus certification?

“The UK Cyber Essentials scheme helps businesses of all sizes build resilience by testing fundamental security controls. Assessment in these key areas can help organisations identify any gaps in their existing security measures and give them a solid foundation to build on in future, as well as allowing them to trade with companies that insist on this level of cyber security within their supply chain.

“With these fundamentals in place, businesses will be better prepared to build out their security strategy and protect themselves against risks.”