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Cyber crime prevention has improved but co-operation is necessary to maintain momentum

News   •   Oct 25, 2019 22:47 BST

Shutterstock: Khanthachai C

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) has released its ‘Cyber: Keep the light on’ report, which assesses police forces’ effectiveness in tackling cyber-dependent crime.

Commissioned by the UK Home Secretary in January 2019, the report explores the strategies used by UK forces to tackle cyber crime, as well as the effectiveness of their organisational structures, capabilities, partnerships and victim support.

It found that while national structures are generally effective at tackling cyber crime, there are too many local variations in understanding, analysis, response processes and overall strategies when it comes to dealing with cyber-dependent crime.

Kat Sommer, head of public affairs at NCC Group commented: “Increased cooperation between leaders has been a big factor in improving how police forces respond to cyber crime. The success of recent investments in security has also led to more funding for prevention and stronger defensive measures. However, the report highlights inconsistencies at a local level, which impacts on the response to cyber crime overall.

“The government needs to encourage the establishment of a national policing response where local, regional and national organisations all have a role to play, and ensure that clear tasking, coordination and accountability structures are in place.

“Reformed legislation to allow for increased collaboration between law enforcement and the private sector is also crucial as this will not only help forces to gain a better understanding of the threat landscape, but also benefit from the deepest insight available when it comes to reviewing police responses to cyber-dependent crime. This will all become even more crucial as funding comes to an end in the next couple of years.”