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Customers in Europe and North America can now access our Remediate service to help strengthen their security posture

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Customers in Europe and North America can now access our Remediate service to help strengthen their security posture

Security reports are, by their nature, complex documents and can be overwhelming for those staffed with even the largest team, let alone smaller organisations where resource is scarce.

It’s a problem we are familiar with and has resulted in the launch of our Remediate service – simply taking complex security reports and turning them into actionable programmes.

The service, which launched to our customers in the UK in 2020, is now being offered through our European and North American operations. Our experts review the security reports, and prioritise and fix the identified security weaknesses, which in turn ensures the organisation strengthens and rapidly reduces their cyber risk.

Following the launch in the UK, we’ve seen a range of organisations benefit – from global brands, to charities, from large scale initiatives to more focused activities.

Examples of our Remediate service in action include:

Rebuilding after ransomware

Following a ransomware attack, a registered charity sought a full investigation into the root cause of the incident, as well as a remediation service to fix any other vulnerabilities and protect the organisation’s future.

Secure digital transformation

When a manufacturer discovered that new technologies introduced as part of a transformation project could cause security risks, they asked us for support in quickly addressing the issues so that they could focus on their business objectives.

Resilience across the board

We worked with a leading listed FTSE company to perform breach containment, following a large-scale security incident. After the investigation highlighted resource challenges for the company’s in-house security team, our Remediate team worked with the Board to develop an agile, bespoke programme that reduced future risks.

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