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Celebrating the launch of the new CyberUp campaign website

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Celebrating the launch of the new CyberUp campaign website

Today, the CyberUp campaign - of which NCC Group is a core supporter - has launched its new website.

The campaign, made up of a group of UK cyber security firms, academics, legal experts, industry groups, politicians and others, pushes for legal reform of the UK’s Computer Misuse Act, originally introduced in 1990.

The CyberUp campaign aims to:

Clarify the law and remove grey areas around threat intelligence research and investigation, so that cyber security professionals have greater legal certainty around what they can and cannot legitimately do

Ensure that cyber security professionals who act in the public interest, or for the detection and prevention of crime, are able to justify their actions so that they don’t get unfairly criminalised or punished.

The website gives an insight into the latest developments of the campaign and allows industry partners, individuals, policymakers and academics to sign up to become a supporter themselves.

Help to make the Computer Misuse Act fit for the 21st century, and visit the website, to join the CyberUp campaign on its mission to update our laws, upgrade our defences and upskill our protectors.



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