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A young Black woman stands against a patterned background. She is smiling and holding up her hand with her palm flat in the symbol for International Women's Day 2021. Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1549871621
A young Black woman stands against a patterned background. She is smiling and holding up her hand with her palm flat in the symbol for International Women's Day 2021. Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1549871621

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Celebrating IWD: Interviews with just some of the inspirational women who make NCC Group

As part of our ongoing commitment to create an inclusive and diverse workplace – where colleagues feel physically and emotionally safe to be their authentic selves – we have been working hard over the past year to set up steering committees that are responsible for driving forward our inclusion and diversity mission. These include Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+, Gender, and Race and Ethnicity.

This month, as part of our ongoing NCC Conversations series, we’re focusing on Gender.

We recognise that gender inequality is not just confined to one gender – it extends to all, and we are working hard to ensure every NCC Group colleague has equal opportunities, can share their experiences and can contribute toward creating a more gender inclusive and diverse workplace.

Today though – on International Women’s Day (IWD) – we wanted to shine a spotlight on just some of the brilliant women that make up NCC Group.

A platform for women across NCC Group

From our security consultants, finance, legal and HR teams, to our communications, sales and marketing colleagues, every woman at NCC Group embodies our core values.

And we want to ensure that each one of them feels safe and is given the platforms to tell their stories. As part of our IWD celebrations, our gender steering committee has taken time out to chat to and record stories from women across the Group.

In these interviews, colleagues share their honest experiences of being a woman in the cyber security industry and wider society.

Bhavana Singh - Practice Lead: Big Bounty, New York

"My advice would be to look into the industry, there is so much information and content available and there will be one area that resonates specifically with you"

Mary English - 
Head of Operations, Alpharetta

"Biggest challenge? The biggest challenge is the next challenge..."

Nicola Eames - 
Head of legal, Manchester

"The best thing about working in legal at NCC Group? You're involved at the heart - you get to see everything that's going on.

Yvonne Harley - Global Director of 
Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Scotland

"When you’re young, female, and behave like a leader, you can be called bossy. You can be called sassy. You can be called all sorts of names. But I always just took those as they were just jealous, because my parents never let those phrases define me or stop me; it was something to be embraced."

Natasha Gardner - 
Internal Account Manager, Manchester

"Biggest inspirations ‘my mum and dad. They’re the hardest working people I’ve ever met and ever know and always will be. Everything is done as a team. It’s something that I use on my hard days and my best days, and I am very proud of them."

Sheree Mclean - 
Credit Control Manager, New York

"I’m a huge champion of women. […] It’s building that confidence of “you can do whatever you want.”

Creating a safe space for women at NCC Group

We have also recently established an internal Women’s International Network (WIN), which is open to those who identify as women and are passionate about championing an inclusive and diverse workplace. The first WIN event will be happening today, where women from our global offices will join virtually to mingle, share stories and more.

Choosing to challenge

While we know there is a long way to go to address the gender imbalance within our own business and wider industry, we are committed to challenging everything we do as a business and making positive steps towards a more inclusive and diverse future for NCC Group colleagues.

Will you #ChooseToChallenge this year? #IWD2021



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