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Simon Fieldhouse - Global Managing Director, Escrow

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Simon Fieldhouse - Global Managing Director, Escrow

Simon joined NCC Group in September 2019 and is responsible for the management and strategic development of the NCC Group Escrow Division. Prior to NCC Group, Simon was the CEO of, an international value-added reseller of Hybrid IT Solutions operating in the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa. He joined Hardware Group in 2004 as founding employee and led the growth and scale up of the business over 14 years in various roles including Global Sales Director and Chief Commercial Officer. Simon’s early career includes International Marketing Director of Type 20 SRL, a subsidiary of eyewear giant Luxottica Group, and has also launched several start-ups in the sports and media sector.
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About NCC Group

NCC Group exists to make the world safer and more secure.

As global experts in cyber security and risk mitigation, NCC Group is trusted by over 15,000 clients worldwide to protect their most critical assets from the ever-changing threat landscape.

With the company’s knowledge, experience and global footprint, it is best placed to help businesses identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the evolving cyber risks they face.

To support its mission, NCC Group continually invests in research and innovation, and is passionate about developing the next generation of cyber scientists.

With over 1,800 colleagues in 12 countries, NCC Group has a significant market presence in North America, continental Europe and the UK, and a rapidly growing footprint in Asia Pacific with offices in Australia and Singapore.

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NCC Group Press Office

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NCC Group - Financial Media Enquiries

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