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Mind the TAP - Transport Cyber Security in a Pub 2


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Station Master's Office, The Parcel Yard London N1C 4AH

Paul Dart, Rail Technical Lead at NCC Group, will be hosting another transport cyber security focussed networking event in London, UK on Tuesday 18 February.

Mind the TAP is a chance for anyone who works or is interested in the transport industry (rail, automotive, maritime, aviation etc) and/or cyber security (attack, defend, policy) to come together for some informal networking and socialising in a pub.

It's open to anyone, professionals, hobbyists, technical staff, operations, sales, or just people with a passing interest.

So join Paul and the rest of the transport team on 18 February at The Parcel Yard from 17:30 onwards.

About NCC Group's Transport Assurance practice

NCC Group’s dedicated Transport Assurance Practice supports our automotive, maritime, aerospace and rail clients across the globe. This practice blends together NCC Group’s extensive service offerings and utilises industry-specific experts to provide the very best cyber security and risk mitigation services to our clients.