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Mastering container security training course


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44 Con, London

Containers and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes are on the rise throughout the IT world, but how do they really work and how can you attack or secure them?

Rory McCune, Principal Security Consultant at NCC Group, will be delivering a public training course on container security at 44 Con in London next month.

The training is open to beginner or intermediate levels and suitable for either offensive or defensive security professionals. The material focuses slightly more on the offensive side than defensive, but does cover key security concerns for securely operating containerized systems.

The course is quite hands-on so likely best suits attendees who will be directly using or attacking container based systems.

You will need to make sure you have the below requirements in order to take the course:

- Basic Knowledge of Linux command line utilities is very beneficial

- Experience of key-based SSH logins is useful, although that will be covered during course setup

- Basic knowledge of Docker will be useful so you can move into the security exercises easily

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Meet the trainer

Rory has worked in the Information and IT Security arena for the last 19 years in a variety of roles. These days he spends most of his work time on container, cloud and application security. He's an active member of the UK information security community having delivered presentations at a variety of IT and Information security conferences. He has also presented at major containerization conferences and is an author of the CIS Benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes and main author of NCC Groups Mastering Container Security training