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Maintaining operational resilience during COVID-19


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Online conference

NCC Group's Tim Rawlins will brief attendees on how to maintain operational resilience during this techUK event

With the ongoing disruption caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, many organisations have quickly moved to home working. As a result, some organisations may struggle to maintain operational resilience and maintain adequate cyber protection. With workers dispersed to their respective homes, rather than in one central office, it can be difficult to ensure they are adhering to adequate security practices. The cyber security problems related to COVID-19 are often exacerbated because the organisations attention is likely focused on protecting other areas of the business including business continuity, and the health and wellbeing of staff members.

In this techUK briefing, Tim Rawlins, Director and Senior Advisor at NCC Group will offer advice to attendees on how they can ensure their organisations remain resilient throughout this challenging period and highlight the key challenges facing organisations across sectors, including in the following areas:

  1. Supply Chains
  2. Recruitment
  3. Security Operations Centres
  4. Working from home
  5. Corporate governance

This event is open to all:

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