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Boston Lunch and Learn


NCC Group Lunch and Learn in Framingham March 4
Legal Seafood 50-60 Worcester Rd Framingham, MA 01702

Join NCC Group at Legal Seafood in Framingham, MA for a lunch and learn on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Container Security. This will be an informal but insightful conversation around two key areas of security: regulatory compliance and security of containers and container orchestration platforms.

You'll also get a chance to meet and greet with security professionals in your area, all while enjoying some of the finest seafood dishes Massachusetts has to offer, courtesy of Legal Seafood.

See our talks below:

  • An Intro to Container Security
    Joshua Dow | Security Consultant
    Containers and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes are on the rise, but how do they really work and how can we attack and secure them? This presentation will dive into the fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes. We will begin with an overview of what containers are, how they work under the hood, and how they have significantly changed the software development landscape. Next, we will discuss Kubernetes and why so many organizations are choosing to use it as a platform for managing large-scale, distributed container workloads. Finally, we will wrap up by discussing real-world attack scenarios that NCC Consultants have encountered during their engagements, along with how these attacks can be mitigated.
  • TBA
    Michael Chance | Engagament Manager
    Abstract TBA 

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