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30 Minutes: What the COVID-19 Crisis Teaches us About Information Security


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Online event

What does the phenomenon of panic-buying toilet paper teach us about information security? And what does the COVID-19 pandemic have in common with how organisations tackle their challenges within information security

According to our consultants, much more than you think!

We can learn a great deal about information security by looking at how various governments and populations have reacted to the crisis – and even more by analysing the results.

  • How can we use the COVID-19 crisis as a learning experience in regard to information security?
  • What best practices should all organisations apply?
  • How do we prevent an information security pandemic?

Date: Friday 17 April
Time: 11.00-11.30 CET
Speaker: Joseph MacMillan, Information Security Consultant, Risk Management & Governance, FortConsult

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About "30 Minutes"
Our “30 Minutes” webinar series aims to share complimentary expert advice with our community in a short and easily digestible format. 

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