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  • Head of Public Affairs
  • covnmmapunkdicgxatzyioagnscv@ntyccydgruuoutpp.giconbmva
Seeking to act as an interpreter between technical and policy communities, Kat leads the Group’s political engagement, government relations and... Show more

  • Security Consultant
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  • Black Team Leader
  • cohsmmhjunjpicipatgqiooensmi@npqccpxgrcyouxep.vucokqmvz

  • Research Director
  • coudmmdwunrzicuwattxiozsnszn@nxhccphgrltoucjp.nccoxgmjc
Matt is an experienced Technical Research Director and has worked in Cyber Security for over 18 years since his Computer Science academic studies,... Show more

  • Principal Security Consultant
Michael Gough (Goff) (CISSP and CSIH) is a Malware Archaeologist, Blue Team defender, Threat Hunter, Incident Responder, Information Security... Show more

  • Senior Security Consultant & Trainer
Michelle has worked in IT security for 13 years, primarily focussed on web application pen testing and has a broad range of experience testing web... Show more

  • Associate Director & Senior Advisor
  • cotsmmerunjliccratogioppnsbr@nmkccfsgrusouaqp.ulcorcmjz
Nigel has over 20 years in IT and Cyber Security, advising and consulting at Enterprise level as well as fulfilling hands on interim CISO and CIO... Show more

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • coismmbzunxmicxgatuuioxmnsdn@nqwccjjgrmyoumkp.secotnmsy

  • Managing Security Consultant & Trainer
Robert has worked in the IT Security arena for the last eight years as a consultant, testing web applications and web services for a variety of... Show more

  • VP, Hardware and Embedded Security Services
Rob Wood is the VP for the Hardware and Embedded Security Services practice at NCC Group. His career in embedded devices spans two decades, having... Show more

  • Head of Privacy and Cyber Consulting
  • codammsguntnicooatbxiohonsyi@nwccchggrvwougqp.bwcoejmry

  • Managing Security Consultant & Trainer
Stephen has been researching security since his teens, with his first CVE in 1999. After a decade as a software engineer developing secure... Show more

  • Principal Security Consultant
  • cojlmmtfunvpicwpatwoiodpnsci@noqccjugrjmouygp.utcofkmax
Sourya has 15 years' experience in Information Risk and Security, and holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology from IIIT Calcutta and... Show more

  • Information Security Consultant & Trainer
  • cowummbcunlnicvlatptiomunsyp@nqbccvvgrhqouipp.ejcocrmay

  • Director of Technical Security Consulting
  • APAC region

  • Director and Senior Advisor
  • cowemmfrunqricdxatdfioeensee@ndpccccgrnkouznp.vgcooomyh
“Tim Rawlins is a Director and Senior Adviser for NCC Group, the independent, global, cyber security and risk mitigation company. He was previously... Show more

  • Associate Security Consultant
  • cozpmmwzunyoicjsataiiotvnsae@ndrccksgrvqouezp.kwcodtmib