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Katharina Sommer

Head of Public Affairs


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Seeking to act as an interpreter between technical and policy communities, Kat leads the Group’s political engagement, government relations and lobbying work, educating policy-makers on cyber security and internal audiences on political developments and priorities, and shaping the business’s operating environment. She is also training as a technical security consultant, working through the Group’s graduate programme at her own pace.

Kat has an international understanding having studied in Germany and the Netherlands, worked in Argentina, Brussels and Strasbourg before settling in the UK just over ten years ago. She takes a keen interest in the way the public and private sectors collaborate to improve cyber resilience, and is currently working on a campaign to make the UK’s Computer Misuse Act fit for the 21st century. She is equally passionate about the global trends that inform how governments and businesses respond to cyber security challenges in an ever evolving interconnected world. In the last year, Kat has looked at emerging trends in multi-level cyber diplomacy, and challenged the future agenda of the World Economic Forum’s Global Centre for Cybersecurity.