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  • Security Consultant

  • Technical Director and Senior Advisor

  • Senior Security Consultant, Risk Management & Governance
As a member of the Risk Management and Governance team at NCC Group, Ayaz has assisted clients to achieve compliance with various security standards,... Show more

  • Press Contact
  • ncsdcgjtroajupqk@teuhiwesiwpsmmac2kh.cvkomwv
  • +44 (0)161 236 1352
The UK and Group Press Office is managed by our agency MC2.

  • Press Contact
  • Maitland AMO
  • Financial Results Media Enquiries
  • +44 (0)20 7379 5151
For all matters relating to NCC Group's financial results please contact Al Lohenis.

  • Press Contact
  • NCefCGoeroceupze@cnidcil.afzgeooncalyqx
  • +1 408 776 1400
  • +1 408 893 8750
The North America Press Office is managed by our agency Contos Dunne Communications.

  • Director of Bug Bounty Services
Adam 'rudd' Ruddermann is the Director of the Bug Bounty Services Practice at NCC Group. He has extensive experience in the bug bounty domain, having... Show more

  • Senior Advisor
  • cogsmmzgunwmicomatfpioaunsvz@npfcczrgrdmourap.bacoifmcb
Ade joined NCC Group as a Senior Advisor focused on the public sector in early 2019. This follows a varied career which has included: 26 years as an... Show more

  • Managing Security Consultant & Trainer
Balazs has been working in IT security for the last 15 years as a penetration tester. He is interested in low-level topics including kernels,... Show more

  • Technical Director
  • cotlmmccundficlcatuliormnskw@nlqcctwgrhoouqip.yscomhmra

  • Technical Director/Research Director
  • covkmmzvunqxicveatytiozinscg@ngpccgbgrjoouwvp.rycojamsg
Clint is a passionate, hard-working computer security professional. He has experience working in several types of security-focused companies, from... Show more

  • Technical Director

  • Principal Security Consultant
Derek Hinch is a former USAF Electronic Warfare R&D Specialist, and is currently a Principal Security Consultant at NCC Group where he specializes... Show more

  • Head of Customer Success
  • cocnmmqhuncaicydatopiooinsdd@nsrccvigrobouzsp.sscoqamsj

  • Head of Innovation and Product Strategy
Jamie plays an essential role overseeing the innovation and improvement of the software escrow, and resilience product portfolio. Jamie also has a... Show more

  • Security Consultant
Jared Snyder is a Security Consultant with six years of experience in Information Technology, to include System Administration work in the U.S Navy,... Show more

  • Regional Director of Risk Management and Governance
As a Southeast/Southwest Regional Director and Accredited FedRAMP 3PAO Senior Representative of the consultant team at NCC Group, Jeff works with... Show more

  • Technical Director
Jim McKenney (MBA, BS, Lean) is a Technical Director at NCC Group specializing in Engineering and Process Control. His work focuses on developing and... Show more

  • Senior Advisor
  • coywmmhjunvficadatoziodwnsap@nufccibgrblouwdp.cacoeqmag

  • Executive Advisor