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  • Technical Director

  • Press Contact
  • ncwycgejroatupun@tzehiegsirqsmpac2rd.cmlombe
  • +44 (0)161 236 1352
The UK and Group Press Office is managed by our agency MC2.

  • Press Contact
  • Maitland AMO
  • Financial Results Media Enquiries
  • +44 (0)20 7379 5151
For all matters relating to NCC Group's financial results please contact Al Lohenis.

  • Press Contact
  • NChnCGprrouxupwc@cchdcgf.axlgewanclfyoo
  • +1 408 776 1400
  • +1 408 893 8750
The North America Press Office is managed by our agency Contos Dunne Communications.

  • Senior Advisor
  • cobbmmufunvtickwathbioxlnsia@nugccbogrpnouufp.jdcomnmwe
Ade joined NCC Group as a Senior Advisor focused on the public sector in early 2019. This follows a varied career which has included: 26 years as an... Show more

  • Managing Security Consultant & Trainer
Balazs has been working in IT security for the last 15 years as a penetration tester. He is interested in low-level topics including kernels,... Show more

  • Technical Director
  • coehmmjpunipickaatuaiobnnswa@ncnccahgrzzouzup.rgcopkmzy

  • Technical Director/Research Director
  • cojommjlunjzicrzatajiolqnsxx@nkuccbigryuouhkp.alcoeymbs
Clint is a passionate, hard-working computer security professional. He has experience working in several types of security-focused companies, from... Show more

  • Head of Customer Success
  • couzmmryunujicweatohiojhnsyp@nuwccsogrofoucdp.macopsmea

  • Head of Innovation and Product Strategy
Jamie plays an essential role overseeing the innovation and improvement of the software escrow, and resilience product portfolio. Jamie also has a... Show more

  • Regional Director
  • Risk Management & Governance

  • Senior Advisor
  • codtmmqkunruicciatzvioiansrw@nbwccslgrlfouugp.hpcomxmhg

  • Executive Advisor

  • Head of Public Affairs
  • corwmmbdunshicseatobiowwnsxr@njpcctygryhoucvp.kccoebmym
Seeking to act as an interpreter between technical and policy communities, Kat leads the Group’s political engagement, government relations and... Show more

  • Security Consultant
  • corfmmswunyoicumathliodensvh@nuiccgcgrfbouanp.vkcooqmbz

  • Black Team Leader
  • coltmmylunyuiclwatzjioubnsdt@nynccxrgrfmourcp.cucoqbmrc

  • Research Director
  • coizmmtjunreicoyatqfiocznswu@nszcczygryfoulzp.jlcofumtm
Matt is an experienced Technical Research Director and has worked in Cyber Security for over 18 years since his Computer Science academic studies,... Show more

  • Senior Security Consultant & Trainer
Michelle has worked in IT security for 13 years, primarily focussed on web application pen testing and has a broad range of experience testing web... Show more

  • Associate Director & Senior Advisor
  • cobymmzduntyicgcatbkioqanspn@nmzccbxgretounep.plcokgmzn
Nigel has over 20 years in IT and Cyber Security, advising and consulting at Enterprise level as well as fulfilling hands on interim CISO and CIO... Show more

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • cojtmmzhunjoicdwatgciofmnsix@ntscclrgrckouyip.frcoocmjc