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My Path to Progression: Campaign Manager to Global Standards and Support Officer

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My Path to Progression: Campaign Manager to Global Standards and Support Officer

Through our Path to Progression blog series, we’re sharing colleague stories about how individuals have developed, changed and grown their career within NCC Group.

In today's blog post, we spoke to Stephanie Lynch-Ozanar to hear more about how she made the move from a Campaign Manager to becoming a Global Standards and Support Officer.

What was your first role with NCC Group?

I joined NCC Group as a Campaign Manager in June 2021. When COVID hit, I started working for a new non-for-profit cyber charity which NCC Group helped to fund. This was my first job in cyber and I completely got bitten by the cyber bug, so much so that I started a Risk Analyst apprenticeship. When NCC Group hired me, I was delighted I could continue my apprenticeship and start shadowing some of the best SMEs in the industry. This expanded my network within the organisation while helping me to learn more about security standards. As a Campaign Manager, I worked on mid-market campaign plans which are still running and making leads today! I also worked on Remediate and delivered the 'Ransomware: A Survival Guide' webinar which received great feedback from customers and external viewers.

What is your current role?

I currently work as a Global Standards and Support Executive in internal compliance where I am responsible for maintaining our global standards such as ISO 9001 & 27001. It is part of my role to conduct internal audits and support external audit assessments. I do that by working with departments across the Group to help them build upon their best practices and remediate non-conformities. This is how we ensure a continual improvement on quality and increase our security posture. On top of this, I also developed and deliver internal security awareness training to help bolster our best practices.

And that's not all! The Global Standards and Support team get involved in so much more. I have played a key part in getting the organisation certified with Planet Mark, which will help us to become more sustainable each year. Also, I get to use my communication skills as I manage the delivery of our training across the Group.

I am very proud to play a part in supporting NCC Group's mission of making the world safer and more secure!

How did you find out about the new role?  

As I was shadowing many SMEs to support my apprenticeship, I became aware of roles that would be suitable for me. I was fortunate to have shadowed Alan Gregory (Head of Global Standard and Support) to complete a physical ISO audit of the Manchester office. Seeing my passion for learning all things compliance and risk, Alan sent me the job description for the role a few months later. I applied through the normal processes and was later interviewed by the Talent Acquisition team.

What’s next?

I couldn’t ask for a better team! I am so lucky to be working with such professional, knowledgeable, and supportive people who are dedicated day in and day out to making sure NCC Group remains secure and compliant. I see myself developing in this team and getting some new certifications under my belt - I am currently working towards becoming a Senior Officer.




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